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Digital Marketing

Reach customers online

Digital Marketing means Online Advertising

PPC stands for pay per click. Google Ads are the industry standard for PPC and considered by many to be the only online marketing tool you will ever need if you do it right.  We know how to do it right. Contact us today to learn more.

Identify Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is really part of learning about your business and industry. This is a process that may or may not require a lot of input from you. The end goal here is to learn about audience habits, specifically what words they search with. These may or may not end up being “Keywords” for your comapaign.

identify target audience
keyword research and strategy

Keyword Research

Once we outline your target audience and their habits, we seek out Keywords that yield the greatest reward for the resources and money you put in. Efficiency and Effectiveness are crucial.

Competitor Analysis

After Keyword Research we dive into your competition.  What Keywords are they winning with? Where did they drop the ball? We use this information to develop a winning strategy for your business.

competitor anaysis
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